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This is a manual MULTIPLY BTC betting method document written exclusively for Pro account. If you signed up for a the account before (Before 17 Jan 2021), this document will be unusable or it is not working properly. Sign up for a brand new Pro account to win with this method. Please delete your old the account and register Pro with a new email address, new bitcoin wallet address (Recommended to use, do not use Blockchain and Coinbase wallets and register Pro account registration. You are completely assured, this is a manual MULTIPLY BTC betting method document, it is not software, BOT or javascript so it is absolutely safe for your Pro account. It works almost 100% correctly.

After successfully registering a Pro account, please contact the email address: [email protected] to register to receive the free book "MULTIPLY BTC Secret". The email sent to subscribe to the free book includes the address of the wallet you use to register for a Pro account and a screenshot of your Pro account balance after you have deposited money into your account. Note: The larger the initial account balance, the greater the chance to earn more BTC each day. You will get rich quickly.


Your Pro account balance should be a minimum of 300,000 satoshis (0.00300000 BTC). After July 1, 2021, I will draw 5 unique accounts that will receive free books. Priority will be given to the members with the highest account balance to be selected. The remaining unlucky members will buy it for $ 1500.
Why do I sell it for so high? Because I limit the number of members who possess this secret. If the number of members who own this secret is greater, this document will no longer be valid. It is limited to 100 members only (of which 5 members are free to use, 95 members must purchase it). Out of the 41 million members, only 100 use this secret, which makes up a very small percentage of 0.0002%. Too great to win!

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I recall a time ago, I persisted daily to earn free bitcoin from free faucet site every 60 minutes. I am very tired of this job but my income is not worth much. Until I discovered the secret of the MULTIPLY BTC game on this site. it made me fascinated by how big and fast that way of making cash was. It helped me earn an average of 1.5 BTC per day easily.

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